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Leaftec arrived in the inter tobacco fair in the Germany Dusseldorf

2018/10/12 11:19
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      Leaftec arrived in the inter tobacco fair in the Germany Dusseldorf on the 9.14-9.17. This is the one of the biggest tobacco Exhibition in the world. The top notch of tobacco company in the world joined this fair as well, include PMI, BAT, JTI ...ect

       Compare to the fast increase rate of the market share in East Asia market, Europe market are same as his old way for the new thing, take a slow but keep increase speed to take the market share in traditional tobacco. Most of visitor are interest in this new product and want to know more info about how it work to reduce the damage to human lung.

       This time Leaftec bring the most popular product HEAT 3 and CUBE 1 with complete certificate to ready to give the fast speed order experience to his client. Certainly they have bring the new design product to show the strength of the company creative design.

      During the fair, Leaftec receive many inquire and notice from visitor, The Leader company which first one release HNB product company PMI are interested in the leaftec’s unique design, the ITC technology and the way to keep the oil away from the PCDA. One of the biggest e-liquied company in the UK--IMG show interest to make an OEM product with Leaftec, plan to making the order in the Fourth quarter.